Texas has become one of the premiere states sparking unbelieveable growth in our sport. For years Texas has been the destination for coaches and former players to promote the game of lacrosse. Today, lacrosse just got a big sign of approval from the Governor of Texas. Governor Rick Perry formally announces the last week of July shall now be recognized as “Lacrosse Week”.

Official transcript from the Governor’s office:

It is important to note that other states already recognize lacrosse as a great sport. Lacrosse is the official team sport for the state of Maryland. Nonetheless, this is obviously huge for lacrosse and the people of Texas. Can this be a sign of things to come? Will more high ranking officials begin to take notice and promote the sport we love and cherish?

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UPDATE: Long story short, the Governor’s office wants to make sure that everyone knows that he supports my “Lacrosse Week” campaign, but that it is not a State Proclamation… yet.