Each week Lacrosse Playground usually features just one lacrosse athlete as part of our “Grip ‘N Rip” series, this week we present a bonus stud laxer who rips the twine: Boston Blazer Sean Morris.

What head do you use?
STX Revolver

What handle do you use?

STX Katana, best shaft ever made!

Where does your pocket sit/what type of pocket to you prefer?
I use a long pocket so the ball sits low and the ball sits high. This way as an O guy I can get a pass off quick and also carry the ball with good protection.

Who is your stick doctor? Do you string it yourself or have a go-to-teammate/friend?
I string them myself, if not, I will have Randy Frasier, Blazers assistant, doctor it up for me.

What kind of mesh do you use? Why?
I use soft mesh actually. I love the quick release and hold of the mesh. Not enough people give it the props soft mesh deserves. Indoors, I have used the Marc mesh because Frasier strings it up real nice and offsets the head a little extra.

What is your preferred glove?
K18 gloves. The new ones have the best protection, flexibility and the palm feels like there is nothing on there.

How much whip does your stick have?
I have a bag in the stick with little to no whip. Guys put way to much emphasis on whip because in my opinion, it is better to be accurate then have a super fast shot. O guys forget that you throw more passes
then you take shots, if it’s the other way around, then you’re a black hole.

Anything unique you do to your head or shaft (pocket up-keep, tape jobs, alterations, etc.)?
I don’t tie off my shooting strings. They have a not on them, but are very loose off the side of the plastic. It gives me that smooth release and nicks the top of the plastic.

How long do you keep a stick before you get a new one?
I never change my sticks. If my baby goes down, there usually is not a steady back up.

What’s most important to you in a stick/what makes a good stick?
I have some of the stick made with the super tight throat. I like to think I have good hands and I can’t play with some of these sticks now a days. I will tend to open the throat up a little by taping a lax ball and stuff it in the head to open the throat up. Playing indoors, you have to handle the ball in tight situations and having a tight throat does nothing for my game.

  1. I’ve followed lacrosse every since the night RoughNecks won the 2004 NLL champs right here in Calgary. I’m gonna dive head first into some serious action photo coverage of lax in 2010.

    Right now all I wanna know is WHO SHOT THAT SICK PHOTO of Sean Morris in mid-air ??

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