Each week Lacrosse Playground features a different lacrosse athlete as part of our “Grip ‘N Rip” series, where we’ll find out what the best use to fine tune their game. This week we are featuring LXM PRO Tim Kaiser. Kaiser, a defenseman, was an All-American at North Carolina. View the video below to find out what head he’s playing with these days.

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  1. This one just said he uses an Evo pro and a shaft. The ones you put up before a while back were actually in depth. They have been getting shorter and more pointless. I would have to say it started with the Matt Danowski one where all he does is show off his head and pocket using his thick accent. I was hoping to find out how and why he uses his pocket he does b/c it’s basically just one shooter across that is basically in the center of his stick and not at the top. I don’t know if you have ever noticed but this is one of the weirdest and uniquest setups I have ever seen. Anyway, That Danowski one was just him flashing it up to the camera, much like this one, but basically there is nothing of value to some of these grip n rips. You guys must have some sort of purpose for this column but this particular grip n rip was absolutely worthless. Basic stuff like pocket setup and preference like shooters and such. Even a tape job would have at least shown some journalistic investigative efforts. At least the Steven Brooks one showed his personal touch to his stick, the tribute to his mother, and he talked about his pocket and EXPLAINED something.

  2. Easy on the hate. Maybe if you were older you would know that kaiser was and still probably is dirrrrrty. He would yard sale every single one of you then rip top right.

  3. Impromptu interviews don’t always equal to the best quality videos (most of the time it takes a few times to get it perfect), but at least we get to know what the “pro’s” are using and what LXM provided their players with. While this isn’t in par with many of the past interviews, I like being able to see what type of equipment many of the older guys are using, especially defensemen. I’m glad to see Kaiser back in the mix, even if it is just LXM. He was a player I often watched.

  4. A couple of things. Fisrt off Ed is a tool. Lets just say that right off the bat. Tim Kaiser was and always will be an All American laxer. Pretty sure Ed has not nor will ever reach that status. Second, the only thing I can really critique regarding Kaiser’s stats are his lack of Karoke skills and his form in body surfing waves. Thanks that is all.

  5. Yeah…… You’re going to have to explain why you think this Ed guy is a tool. He didn’t say anything about Tim Kaiser specifically. He was questioning the worth and validity to this certain entry b/c it really does not have much of value other than that Tim Kaiser uses an Evo. Just as Ed said. That’s all. I think you need to pay attention to detail more.

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