The MLL Championship weekend has come and gone. It left nothing to the imagination of the fan and it made for a fun weekend on top of Hurricane Irene. The laxer mentality was in full force this weekend when the men in charge decided to play through the hurricane Saturday. Did I approve? Yup. One of the wet, extremely wet games showcased the strong Denver Outlaws against the Hamilton Nationals. Terrible conditions plus a blood thirsty will to win had emotions stirring.

Newly minted All MLL team member Joe Walters proved how much he really wanted to make it back to the championship game this past weekend. His team won the semi-final game against the Denver Outlaws, but his efforts were plagued by asphyxiated motions in the final seconds of the game. The hand gesture resulted in penalties from both sides of the box, Walters received an unsportsmanlike penalty while Denver’s Langtry received, at least from our perspective, an ejection.

The weekend ended with the Boston Cannons defeating the Nationals 10-9.


  1. Blue Magic Lacrosse says:

    That act was completely unnecessary. He is a great player and his team won. This is not some backyard or street ball game. If the MLL wants to be looked upon as a professional league then they need to act as one. He should have been suspended for the championship game OR should get a massive fine (in regards to his contract). I see that as embarrassing for the league and if they don’t do anything about it then why would anyone respect the league and what steps are the MLL taking to grow into something like the NFL? Players need to be held accountable for their actions. Walters, before this, to me was a class act, played the game hard and helps spread the game; however, with this I’ve lost a lot of respect. I understand the heat of the game, but this is no excuse…ESPECIALLY when winning. Let the score talk, play the game and shut up.

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