STX promo player, Kyle Harrison, unleashes a new blog post. Kyle discusses what it was like to compete at a high level again and what it meant to the great state of Texas.

Then, it was on to the Pro game!!! We had SOME GREAT pro’s out on the field to put on a show for the Texas Lacrosse Community. I can’t begin tto tell you how good it felt to get back out on the field and compete! From the opening whistle, guys got after it and the game was played at a very high level.

All in all, the LXM 512 event was a good one, and I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am that the Austin Lacrosse community was so supportive and energetic at the event (and for the weeks leading up to the event)! I can’t wait to come back to Austin in 2011 and make it even bigger and better!

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