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Harrow Crossbow X Stylin’ Strings Argyle Lacrosse Head

Posted on September 1, 2011 by

Categories: Dyeing, Harrow, Heads, Stylin Strings

The Argyle Lip dyejob by Stylin’ Strings takes the lip of the head and turns it into one of the first true Argyle patterns with White and two color shades of your choice.

Each sticker was hand placed with an exacto knife and stage dyed to make sure it covered the entire front lip. It overlaps to the back of the lip for a more abstract look since the head with ridges is not symmetrical.

This is available in Yellow, Kelly Green, Baby Blue, and a Black, Red, & Grey option. View how Stylin Strings dyed the heads HERE. Purchase the head at Harrowsports.com.

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