HeadWrapz has been busy at work lately, and has put out this wonderful work of art for the Tenacious Turtles, an elite group of ninjas from Long Island.  Ok, while they may not be ninja’s they are a very skilled group of 6th graders that are affiliated with Lacrosse Unlimited.  These young players are everything that a young star should be, and everyone would have to admit these wraps are pretty amazing!  This work of art from The Original, HeadWrapz, was done just in time for the turtles Summer season to show off.  What’s great about this group of young men is the fact that they are not only good, but even on the Lax Unlimited site, they even have their own swag section with socks and more!

This young group plays in many tournaments, and plays very well, so be sure to head to their site and join their email list and even just check their site to stay up-to-date with what’s going on with this great team.  They are the future, these young men are, and I am sure they are excited about these amazing new gifts from the wrap masters.  Now, how about some more visual love?



Good luck to these guys in the future, and as for the Tenacious Turtles swag I talked about, check it out right here.  You can even check out the article HeadWrapz wrote about them on the HW website as well.  Be sure to check out HeadWrapz’s Facebook page for all the latest news, and even their Twitter account as well!

As always for all your lacrosse news and needs, contact me at [email protected] or shoot me a message @TheRealHag on Twitter.  Hope everyone is having a great Summer so far, and be safe!