By now many of you have already seen some amazing designs by the company who originated the headwrap.  Well, with Easton’s Raptor helmet having some love, HeadWrapz decided to wrap it with top secret material from the lab that no one knows about.  Ok, so it’s not a total secret where it is, but we know everyone loves their product, but just after this picture release many people are fumbling around to see the rest of the pictures to see just how sexy this Raptor can be.  Oh no kids, not the Jurassic Park Raptor, an Easton Raptor like I said earlier, come on back to the computer!  Nevertheless, with Joe at the controls, and James and Ron behind the company as always, I am confident the team will put out another heart stopping design that the fans will easily cross their Ez-bake ovens and Xbox games off on their Christmas list just to get!  So from the picture above, what do YOU guys think the wrap will look like?  Head over to HeadWrapz Facebook page and share some thoughts and see if you will be close!

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