Quadruple Amputee Michael Stolzenberg

Michael Stolzenberg is a quadruple amputee who has taken the lacrosse world by storm for the last three years. Michael lost his hands and feet from a bacterial infection he suffered when he was 8. Every year, Michael hosts a lacrosse event to raise funds to help pay for prosthetics. As he grows, Michael needs new prosthetics every year.

In May, Michael and his family held the 3rd annual “Pockets & Sockets” event. However, Michael and his brother, Harris, altered the event by raising money for those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings for MikeysRun.com. His family’s selfless act has been recognized on a national platform, The Today Show.

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In June, Oprah Winfrey donated $100K to Mikey’s Run. Michael and Harris, thanks for being our heros.