Former Johns Hopkins goalie Mike Gvozden moved to California after graduation with aspirations of being a Hollywood mainstay. Yet, Gvozden didn’t want to make it in the business without getting his feet wet in personal projects. His personal website,, not only helps hone his acting skills with multiple characters, but it also gives you an idea of how hard he’s working.

The site is a sketch comedy site with Mike and close friends will be displaying a number of characters. For those who don’t know- sketch comedy is what you see on SNL- short comedic scenes based on characters or situational humor. You will see a number of hilarious lacrosse players in the sketches; Andrew Gvozden (Hofstra), Nick Roessler (Loyola Marymount), and Alex Weber (Upenn).

There are a number of talented actresses and actors that you will see in the sketches. Their goal is to make you laugh!! You can offer your own sketch ideas on his Facebook fan page.

Here is a promo of what’s to come.