We all remember where we were when we first saw Kyle Wharton rip a hole through the net. Who knew it would happen again by another player in the same season? This time it was done by Gonzaga College High School Junior David Planning.

You will hear a lot from this kid in the future. Not only did he score 4 goals in this championship game, but he cranked one through the net and beyond.

This team can definitely ball. National recognition is in order. 19-2 record with one of their losses coming from Georgetown Prep.

  • 412 Lax

    Grown man shot

  • bears

    yeah they lost to prep by 12 goals and aside from them they don’t play anyone. I wouldn’t quite say national recognition is in order.

  • donk

    Yeah bears they played Landon so i would say that is a good team wouldn’t you ? And yes they beat the bears

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  • topchedda

    they dont play any of the top MIAA teams from baltimore. They lost to prep 14-2. Then go to OT against a team prep beat a week prior 17-4.Yeah they beat Landon..3 days after they lost to prep in a nailbitter so i dont think Landon really cared about the game too much..Good team in their league…no doubt. National Recognition…let’s not get ahead of ourselves

  • to topchedda

    prep was their first game of the year after only practicing together for less than a week, whereas prep played around 4 games before that game.

    gonzaga smacked severn(miaa)

    gonzaga beat dematha twice

    gonzaga beat landon. scoring more than prep could btw…

    they beat coronado when they were ranked top 20 in the country.

    theyve beaten teams from cali, texas, colorado, new york, philly, and more

    transitive propertity doesnt work here BUDDY

  • gripnrip44

    altough prep had a few prior scrimmages, it was their 1st official game too. great u beat a 4-16 severn team, 9th out of 10 place in the MIAA. (i dont think id b bragging about that.) In beating dematha twice you only won by a combined 5 goals…prep won by 13 in a single game.uve got 1 top 25 win…prep’s got 4 W and a 3OT L with a top 5…gonzaga didnt play any teams from cali, new york, philly or more so check ur facts…uve won your league congrats but dont try and act like you desereve serious national attention

  • bears

    that was prep’s first game of the season too not their fourth check their schedule. and even if they had played 4 games before a 12 goal beat down is inexcusable. severn is probably the worst team in the miaa, the dematha team they were losing to and beat in OT got beat by 14 to prep. Coronado is not even close to the top 25 anymore and should have never been in it, and i would really like to hear about the powerhouses they beat from philly and new york. the landon game is a good win for gonzaga but it was because landon overlooked gonzaga after losing to prep. and if your going to say gonzaga scored more againist landon so they’re close to as good you are a fool, i’d think if they were that good they wouldnt lose by 12 goals to anyone at any point in their season. gonzaga had a good year but they are far away from being nationally recognized and no where close to prep’s level– it took prep years to be nationally recognized why should gonzaga be after one good season playing an easy schedule?

  • dcsportsfan

    bears and gripnrip44,

    i love dc sports as much as the next guy, but you are on the verge of whackjob. how old are you two? 35? penn leachman? give it a rest.

  • cuse31

    gripnrip44..GZ played Coronado (CA)

    also, GZ is #7 according to ESPN Rise so suck a dick to anyone who says that they dont deserve national recognition

    the excuse that” LN didnt care about the game because they lost to GP a few days before” is utter bullshit. Thats an excuse only someone from LN would throw out there to cover their ass
    Watching dodson shoot for a few hours after the “upset” might hint to some people that LN DID care about that game

  • mdsportsfan

    ok you played a cali team that proved they were scrubs by landon beatin them 11-2 or something around there..ESPN Rise??? when you guys get ranked in a serious poll like Inside Lacrose or LaxPower then come talking…ur never ranked all season in insidelacrosse or LaXPower but ur in the top25 in EspnRise. when that poll gets some credibility then maybe u can talk. what dodson did after the game has no relevance to how landon came out in the beginning. They wer up 4-0 showing they wer the better team at the start and then they lost focus and left the door open. so no its not utter bullshit

  • bears

    its a shame no one cares about the ESPN rise rankings

  • psuclublax

    Could he act like any more of a bitch after that? walk off like you’ve scored before