11 year old Oliver Wahlstrom is amazing! Little Wahlstrom has been making “waves” on the ice for over two years now and the highlights never cease to amaze us. Yea, his goals are penalty shots, but WOW! Prepare to watch the video again-and-again until you finally realize how difficult it actually was to pull off.

This video showcases the goal that originally spun him into stardom two years ago.

Huffinton Post… Oliver Wahlstrom really knows how to put on a show. Two years after becoming an internet sensation with a ridiculous spin-o-rama goal at TD Bank as a 9-year-old, the hockey prodigy pulled off another amazing goal.. and it seems like he would be pretty good at lacrosse too. Competing in the finals of the 2012 Mini 1-on-1 boys 10-and-under bracket on Tuesday night — in between periods of Boston’s game against Ottawa — Wahlstrom decided to show off some skills once he realized his Junior Pirates already had a 2-0 lead.

After he crossed the blue line, Wahlstrom dragged the puck through his legs and lifted it onto the blade of his stick. Then he twirled it around lacrosse-style all the way to the goal, faked one way and sent the puck past the netminder’s right shoulder and into the net. “YouTube here we come,” said one of the announcers.

  • Ewellenbach

    this kid goes to my school!