Hofstra Head Coach Seth Tierney cares a lot about how the Pride’s locker room looks. He cares so much so that they have a stick room and everyone has a rack so the team members don’t have sticks all over the place. As you can see, the team loves the STX Assault line, Cascade helmets, and Under Armour cleats.

The Under Armour uniforms are chosen game-to-game and the senior captains choose the color. Usually, it’s yellow and white jerseys for home and blue jerseys for away games. However, they change up the shorts and helmet combos because of the Dutchman tradition.

STX 2011 Assault AGs and APs with Hofstra insignia emblazoned on them. Practice shorts underneath the pads.

The team wears Under Armour Ripshot cleats. Usually, the players wear HEADstrong Lime Green shoe laces to honor Nick Colleluori.

How many times have you misplaced your stick or stuffed it in your cramped locker only to return the next day and find your pocket messed up? Hofstra has found a solution to the problem. Most equipment rooms have hooks for unstrung heads, but this is rare to see in the teams locker room.