Yonkers, NY — March 16, 2010 — Defender Mouthguard Laboratories is proud to announce that the women’s lacrosse teams at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) will be wearing custom fit Defender Mouthguards for the 2010 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse season.

“We are thrilled with our relationship with Defender Mouthguards,” said Janine Tucker, Head Coach of the Women’s Lacrosse Team at Johns Hopkins University. “Our player’s safety is a priority and we want the best equipment in the business. Defender Mouthguards give us the maximum protection available and allow the girls to speak clearly with their mouthguard in. Plus, they look great!”

“As both a player and a coach, I cannot express how happy I am with both the fit of Defender Mouthguards and the superior quality of the product,” said Kelly Berger, the Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach at UMBC. “The style, breathability and protection that comes along Defender Mouthguards is unparalleled and makes it the most playable mouthguard available.”

“We are really looking forward to receiving the feedback from both teams players and coaches,” said Joe Pipolo, founder of Defender Mouthguard Laboratories. “Our products are always in a constant state of evolution and it is through the real world feedback we receive that we are able to provide Defender-backed teams with a mouthguard that delivers unmatched safety, performance and an extra element of team spirit as well as style.”

  • Lance Gibson

    The Hop one is SICK! I had one made in Trilogy Lacrosse colors and it is beyond comfortable and looks filthy.

  • bicks

    Those are tight

  • stag

    do they have these for high schools? can you get your number on these?

  • idolfan

    oh aiiight

  • Mark

    Stag, anyone can get them in all sorts of designs. You can add your logo or number. Visit their website http://www.DefenderMouthguards.com