Georgetown Hoya Gloves Are In

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Georgetown rings in the new season with new gloves (Vengeance, Shakedowns, Thrillers) that might give the Maryland gloves a run for their money.

Georgetown Shakedown: White elephant with Special White Perforated leather. Metallic Navy accent and Metallic Silver MP wing on the cuff

Georgetown Vengeance: Cool Gray leather with Navy pinstripes

Georgetown Thriller: Grey Leather with White elephant print. Anodized Navy leather cuffs and White leather backhand

While you’re at it take a look inside the crib where some of the sharp shooters reside.

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  • clarence

    The vengence gloves loook sooooooo comfy

  • mcdonough

    What Rocks!!!

  • krazylax89

    Why so many gloves?! Is there one designed for a certain position or sumtin. Look aight though.

  • Anthony Fortuna

    shakedowns are filthy

  • Cam

    Way better than the Maryland joints. These materials are cooler and the colors work really well with the glove models.

  • aussie

    Hoya Couture!

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