I wish I could write a soliloquy as brilliant as the one in Chrysler’s Super Bowl commercial. The commercial aired during halftime of the big game with Clint Eastwood talking to himself. As he begins to isolate Detroit with his words, you realize Detroit’s story isn’t too dissimilar from other parts of America. In fact, if you’re like me, you begin to feel like you know Detroit’s story very well. As Eastwood and Chrysler take us on a tour of the deteriorating city, emotional visuals and words cue goosebumps.

Towards the end of the video, Eastwood walks right up to you and states in a way only Clint Eastwood could pull off, “It’s Halftime in America. And our second half is about to begin. All that matters now is looking ahead and finding a way forward.” America will bounce back!

It was last year’s Super Bowl when Chrysler released the dramatic Imported from Detroit commercial with Eminem. Like this post if you have goosebumps. Here are eight commercials we predicted to make a splash yesterday. Click here to view and rate all of the commercials from last night.