Founded in 2011, sweetflow offers attachable swagger enhancing flows for your helmet. sweetflow has a variety of flows to meet all your bro needs.

sweetflow connects to the inside of your lax helmet to give you a luscious flow that will make you undeniably swagger filled. sweetflow products use a blend of human and synthetic hair to give you gratuitous amounts of swagger.

Simply purchase your sweetflow, attach it to your helmet, and you will instantly have, sweetflow. Own one by visiting

  • LAxFan

    flow bucket copy cat?

  • Rford8893

    people should be beaten for buying this

  • Rford8893

    people should be beaten for buying this

  • Rob

    this is a joke, right? that’s pretty sad.

  • Jmurph54

    And this is why people don’t take lacrosse players seriously.

  • Mitchellrigsbee


  • Hutch12

    This is awesome….frigging hilarious!!

  • Denny

    wow. they should pay conner martin everything they make. this is soo lame..