“I have had this idea for over 8 years and finally my idea is a reality”, says Dustin Dohm, owner of Stylin’ Strings Lax. My media team in-house has grown, as well as the technology to make it feasible for something like this. Our first website in 2001 had rotating Pockets. I shot them with one of the first digital cameras that had video. I used my old Technics 1200’s DJ turntables to set up the stick with the help of some random Home Depot parts. But good luck viewing the site back then when they were built in Flash with dial up connections.

Now fast forward 12 years when smart phones, tablets, & internet speeds have made an idea a potential reality. I have seen Builders for products out their but not many that make the product look real without spending tens of thousands of dollars. It took months to make this happen as a part time project with normal daily responsibilities. I wanted to have the pocket look as real as possible while being able to customize any component. The trick was keeping it loading fast and not bogging down the site. So here you go, choose from three shooting string configurations for now, and start building the pocket color combinations you dreamed about.

Now scope out the simple steps one by one right up until adding it to the shopping cart. Customizing a lacrosse pocket has never been so easy. We have launched a full new version of the site as well that also allows the builder to be fully mobile compatible with touch screen ability. When you go to our site now from an iPhone it automatically goes to mobile view. You have to click view full site to switch back and forth. There is a quick search graphic button for the builder. Enjoy.

Stay tuned for more awesome content this year from Stylin’ Strings Lax. Remember to scope out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/StylinStringsLacrosse and to view the Builder go to http://www.stylinstrings.com/Category/Custom-Lacrosse-Pocket-Builder.