recently interviewed LacrosseWear founder Bo Lamon. Lacrosse All Stars asks the uniform manufacturer an array of insightful questions including why he even got involved with this industry and how his company has progressed to become one of the best in the business. It’s clear Bo Lamon still has the lacrosse player in mind.

“My main goals were 1) I wanted to make uniforms that I wanted to play in. They needed to be made for the player. That’s really where the pockets innovation came in. And 2) I wanted to get the company recognized on a national level – that’s something we’re still working towards.”

Read the full interview at LacrosseAllStars.

  • murrayfla


  • Big Red

    Pocket inovation? Wow this is the guy who invented the pockets!! Pockets are really nothing new in shorts, but they are appreciated. Besides that, the short designs are incredible and lacrosseweear is doing a great job making lacrosse a unique style.