Will traditional stringing cease to exist permanently? The New England Lax Journal delves deep into prose. Lax Journal’s Kyle Devitte poses a widely speculated notion that many have considered for quite some time; that mesh has taken the place of traditional. It is not the subject that captivates you, the reader and lacrosse player, but really the metaphorical style that which he writes about the traditional pocket past and present.

“The King was greatly loved by all his peoples – in his time. He was respected as a visionary far beyond the many teams over which he reigned. Yet, as of late, we thought of him as a novelty. We thought of him when we wanted attention, or appreciation from our peers. We used him selfishly to our own ends. We would like to think we held him in an esteem without ambition, or want of self-confidence, as he assumed the heavy burden of the Jester and was succeeded by his sister whom he loved and to whom he had rendered perfect loyalty, despite her largely synthetic defection.”

Read the rest here and let us know what you think. Has mesh replaced traditional for good?

  1. I don’t believe it is dead. Everything has a resurgeance. People just get lazy are aren’t aware of what’s out there. Good article though.

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