The collaborative effort, “Forever Young”, by Jay and Mr Hudson has finally materialized in to an official music video. The video is shot in Black/White encompassing the duality of youth and age. BP3 may be one of Hov’s best albums to date.

Blueprint 3 also features collaborations with Drake, MGMT, Rhianna and Kid Cudi. View the new video featuring Mr Hudson below.

  • skilla


  • I rarely say this about JayZ but that song and video are absolutely awful. The lyrics from the refrain are straight up laughable and J’s delivery is less interesting that his older stuff. Trying to tug at my American heartstrings with that weak a$$ B&W video? come on, man. you can do better. Could I do better? no. but that’s not the point.

  • kool mo

    I think the best part is def the hook with Mr Hudson which of course is from Rod Stewart…