The Karmada Lacrosse S-thirty shaft with True Temper technology is the perfect example of what a great composite shaft should be like. Its list of technical specs is impressive (180 grams, 3X as strong as a titanium shaft), but it’s the feel of the shaft that totally sets this stick apart from comparable products on the market today. The grip is absolutely perfect, and the shape of the shaft is more natural than anything else I’ve used. For 6 years I was comfortable using nothing but metal shafts, even after trying a few of the $150+ composites available, but this has officially converted me to carbon. With an 18 month warranty, you can be confident this shaft will last.

For every shaft sold, Karmada Lacrosse loans $10 via, so you can know that you’re supporting a good cause as well as getting a great product. If interested in ordering or inquiring about a shaft, visit or email Jon at [email protected]

This review was contributed from Stickworkz. You can email him at [email protected], or find him on Facebook at Read his previous review of Sadka Water Resistant Mesh.

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