Not sure about everyone else, but this Monday is sure one for the books. In Michigan, it’s a stormy, gloomy day, and I also just spilt half a can of Diet Pepsi on my white blouse. Woof! I didn’t think anything could turn this day around but thanks to one of my followers, @RobbieBeerling, who instantly brightened my day with this video he sent to me of his team. Probably one of the number one things I love about lacrosse players is their ability to have fun with their team no matter the circumstances.

TC Select’s, Robbie Beerling states, “One of my coaches wanted to make one similar to the Harvard video and we had a long bus ride back so we said why not. It was on the way back from the Denver shoot out tournament. We are from MN so it was a long trip. We ended up being 4-1.” Well, we love it! Best of luck this year Bros, you’re all fireworks to me!

Thank you to Will Drusch, the team’s camera guy, for filming it!

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