Slated to play the beefy laxer in the highly anticipated motion picture, Warrior, next spring there is a little something you should know about Kellan Lutz. Before Kellan Lutz made it big time playing Emmett Cullen in the 2008 film Twilight he was an Abercrombie & Fitch model. Not only was he an Abercrombie & Fitch model, but he was a lacrosse player in an A&F TV promotional video. Kellan Lutz apparently grew up playing lacrosse in the Midwest. LPG isn’t sure what to think of the video, but we’ll leave that up to you.

Does Kellan pull any street cred with this video?! Should the lacrosse community as a whole be proud or ashamed of this? Let LPG know what you’re thinking with a comment below.

  • shane

    im very proud of this video. is it our fault that lacrosse players have chins that look as if they were chiseled by angels or hair that fips up in the perfect palces? i mean, that chick reffing the game was totally bangin and obviousy a complete laxstitute, but none of the dudes even cared cause they were so used to being around babes all the time, it was no big deal. or they were all playing hard to get, i couldnt tell. anyway im sure after this lax game she took every single one of those into the woods to get a look at their flow down below.

  • biloxiflav

    hmmm…shameful i guess

  • findog

    this is what is ruining the game of lacrosse

  • shameless

    ur not helping

  • blooker

    this is a great example of lacrosse…for me to poop on. send it back.

  • cam k

    It’s a good representation of the old lifestyle attached to the game, which is what Abercrombie tries to sell a dumbed down version of, but I don’t see much street cred. Bad faceoffs, people not holding their off hand steady while one handed cradling, and the goalies looked bad.

    This won’t do anything to promote and expand the sport, but it did look like a fun game and I don’t want to be a total hater.

  • Joe C

    ashamed. These guys are straight scrubs

  • Jack G

    complete benders, no steez, this is not lacrosse

  • Matt H

    I’ve never seen such insufficient flow

  • dave

    shameful… this looks like bad JV play. and the worst part is the flow, between the lack of flowing locks and cheap unis and equipment. i mean, they were into it and were having fun which is lax, but very little if any street cred.

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  • djpermut

    Where are the d pole

  • the man

    this vedio sucks no flow, scrub stick skills, horrible unis, and the players suck so much