Chicago Machine attackman, MLL All-Star and USA Team alternate, Kevin Leveille, will be wearing three custom gloves for the MLL season; Brine Thrillers, Shakedowns and King IIIs.

The Brine King IIIs are predominantly Black with the reflective stripe also running down the fingers. The back side of the gloves have White vents with a Light Blue Brine King emblem in the center. The Chicago Machine logo and number embellish the wrist.

The Brine Shakedowns were worn by many NCAA teams this season such as Georgetown. The glove has a special White perforated leather with Light Blue accents. Black makes this glove stand out along the fingers and thumb and also the Black MP wing on the cuff is a nice subtle touch.

We saw a good amount of teams wearing Brine Thrillers with Elephant Print worked throughout the Thriller as an accent. Leveille’s have more of a sophisticated feel. These gloves have a nice shine to it because of the solid glossy leather. He will definitely be looking smooth with these on his hands.

Which gloves are you looking forward to him wearing the most?!

  1. Aaron Chrzaszcz says:

    the thrillers, i like the classic look of the black instead of having so much going on with the elephant print. i wish stock gloves came with that option

  2. i agree with the first guy, i like the classic look, i think all the elephant skin and the brine king printed everywhere is too much, keep it simple, and it will still look bad ass

  3. Lacrosse Playground says:

    Rob, would you say that there is a time and a place for the elephant print?! When/where could one pull off the elephant? Summer ball?

  4. no, not really, if somebody wants to rock the elephant regular season or during summer ball then go for it, its all personal preference. im nostalgic, when i started playing no one needed a fur lined cuff or reflective graphics to move product, like the x-factor gels, no gimicky stuff just a clean looking glove that did the job really well.

  5. Lacrosse Playground says:

    I feel you Rob. You can’t deny the difference in performance from the old L33s from Brine to these new joints. Technology and customization are part of the new wave of function for players.

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