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Kool-Aid Uniforms from Zebra Apparel

Posted on November 2, 2010 by

Categories: Uniforms, Zebra Apparel

Zebra designs more custom uniforms. The Kool-Aid uniforms are team “Oh Yeah” from Marblehead, MA. The Kool-Aid insignia is embellished on the pinnie as well as the shorts. Argyle is used as the pattern for the uniform.

If you search “Kool-Aid Man” on the Internet you either uncover nostalgic, timeless archives on the origins of the company or you find videos like the one below. Didn’t know Kool-Aid Man was that much of a G. I also have a feeling the Pauly D character on MTV’s “The Jersey Shore” is loosely based off of Kool-Aid Man. Who else yells “OHHHH YEAHHH” in such a silky smooth, masculine tone?!

Courage Has A New Flavor

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  • Guest

    i want one of those pinnies

  • Cclst4

    where can you get these

  • Lacr0sse4life

    can you buy the shorts and the pinnie

  • Lacr0sse4life

    can you buy the shorts and the pinnie