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Krass & Funnell Launch New Website, 20% Discount For LPG Readers

Posted on March 7, 2012 by

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Krass & Funnell launched a brand new website and Spring line last night. This year they are focusing on making the website more content driven so you can expect a regularly updated blog and video blog that shows what it’s like behind the scenes of Krass & Funnell. Website:

As always they have a special discount code specific for our readers. If you type “laxplayground” in at the end of checkout you will receive 20% off your order (this will be active until the end of March.)

Three embroidered shorts:

Classic Lobster Shorts

Sam’s Seahorse Shorts

Deck Hand Shorts

Three printed shorts:

Admiral’s Shorts

Outer Beach Shorts

Crab Shorts

Krass & Funnell have made some great improvements on the shorts from last year. Specifically changing the pockets to make them deeper so your stuff doesn’t fall out. They also added an extra ½ inch to the waistband to make them more comfortable and durable. On the printed shorts they totally reconfigured the stripe design, which is a huge improvement from last year’s design.

For more information head to

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  • Laxlaxlax999

    admirals shorts are sick

  • only problem is the shorts are $45.. $36 with the discount is still pretty steep

  • only problem is the shorts are $45.. $36 with the discount is still pretty steep