Okay, we are sure you all know that Johns Hopkins is on the verge of missing the tourney for the first time in 39 years. What few of you may have known is that Kyle Wharton isn’t human. Catching a pass from Steve Boyle, Wharton grips and rips a laser through the net.

As Quint Kessenich says, Wharton is a “flamethrower.” Nevertheless, Kyle Wharton is mad ridiculous! Check out his DC Connection stringing job here a la Jake Byrne.

  • doogie houser

    Two reasons why he ripped the net:

    a. He ripped the net because they are finally wearing their light blue helmets instead of the ugly black ones.

    b. He is furious that his team might not make the tourney.

  • garfield

    I agree with doogie those white helmets with the visor cals were gross…

    The other reason is because there is a seam there and the net is naturally weaker along the seam. Still impressive but more luck that shooting power.

  • garfield

    speaking about speed though. why is LPG the slowest loading website ever….?

  • Lacrosse Playground

    Garfield, there has been a great rise in traffic on the site and that is why it has been slow lately. This will be taken care of asap. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Blake

    wait a sec so is that how kyle wharton strings his stick like jake byrne?

  • heller

    doogie: the hole wasnt at the seam, it hit the net and rolled up, tearing it. The reason the net tore, aside from the fact that he has an absurdly hard shot (i hear its been clocked at upwards of 105), is that it hit the net at close to a perpendicular angle.
    and the lids are sick.

  • Chris

    When you guys do the stick videos, could you please zoom in on the head. Then if we want to duplicate stringing the head it will be easy to figure out the sidewall stringing and the shooting strings. Mabey a video and close up pics. Just a sugestion to make the post better. Thanks.

  • Lacrosse Playground

    Chris, we will definitely take that into consideration. Thanks for your suggestions as we greatly appreciate them. Rip rope today!

  • haha

    hahahaha travis love is a fag, he deserves to have a net ripped on him

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