It’s Cyber Monday. We’ve created two Holiday Gift Guides for you guys to peruse. Hopefully, we can encourage y’all to spike the economy with Gift Guide 1 while also adding hot items to your wishlists.

1. Dish Network Tailgater $499.00 View Here
2. Digital Time Lapse Camera $149.00 View Here
3. Dart Coat Hooks $29.50 View Here
4. Heat Sensitive iPhone Backing $11.99 View Here
5. Sweet Spot Golf Tees $11.99 View Here
6. Streaker Sports Vintage Football Hoodies $56.00 View Here

  • Iz

    I highly recommend the Tailgater from DISH Network for
    anyone who tailgates out of the back of his or her truck or does a lot of road
    trips in their RV. Since I work for DISH Network, I picked one up as soon as
    they released because it is the easiest to use portable HDTV satellite system
    on the market that is priced so low. After plugging it in, it aligns itself and
    leaves me more time to grill and hang out with the crowd.