Kyle Harrison Teaching Lacrosse in Harlem

Kyle Harrison is one of the most recognizable players to have ever played the sport of lacrosse. He is an icon and a role model for people who have followed in his footsteps. Harrison inspires on and off the field, whether it be his athleticism or his motivating words. This past weekend, Harrison hosted a lacrosse camp in Harlem. With the help of Nike Lacrosse, STX Lacrosse, Powerade, and more, Harrison was able to teach the basics to children ranging in age from 8-15. As an ambassador of the sport, he travels all over the world. And, we caught a glimpse of what it’s like to be Harrison.

Kyle reps Baltimore, but has adjusted just fine to the West Coast. It is because of Kyle’s passion for lacrosse and helping youngsters that he is able to live out his dream.

Kyle Harrison has the kids practice lacrosse drills that finishes into a shot on goal.

Kyle provides life lessons to players at his lacrosse skills camp. He also hooked up some campers with STX equipment.