Previous Product Review for Throne of String

Throne Mesh is one of the newest wax meshes to hit the market. It is made by Joe Williams in Brooklyn, New York, and is known as ThroneOfString in the YouTube community. It is available in White, solid colors, fade colors, and a new Limited Edition Mesh piece is released every month. Recently, I purchased a piece of White and decided to write a review. Out of the packaging it is harder than most wax meshes; however it is not very waxy at all. Out of the bag it is water resistant, not sticky, and has a feel similar to Jimalax’s Semi-Hard.


After stretching the mesh, it doesn’t have any flaking and does not turn your hands white like most wax meshes. Stringing this mesh is extremely easy and still has no flaking! It holds its shape very well and does not bag in wet weather. It also does not cause your shooting strings and sidewalls to become waxy and sticky.


As advertised, this mesh does not get dirty as fast as others due to its small amount of wax coating. It takes about 30-60 minutes for break-in, and after the break-in period it still has the same pocket shape, does not lose its wax coating, and is not as soft as some mesh after the break-in period.



– Fast Break-in time
– Not sticky
– Holds its shape well
– Water resistance (No bagging)
– No Flaking
– Does not turn your hands white from the wax
– Stretches easily
– Does not get dirty fast


– Harder than most wax meshes

To order throne mesh, go to (I do NOT gain anything from Throne Mesh sales). In my opinion, it is by far my favorite mesh out there and I highly recommend Throne Mesh. For more information on Throne Mesh please contact me at [email protected]

  • I got mine the other day and if it was any softer it would be soft mesh which is not what I or most people are looking for I think cause this stuff is like my 2 or 3 month old perfectly broken in hard mesh I like it alot my only con isnt really a con but will make ya laugh at first it squeeks when its wet