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Lacrosse Unlimited x Flowmingo Uniforms

Posted on July 27, 2011 by

Categories: Equipment/Gear, Uniforms

Lacrosse Unlimited has done a Miami Vice themed uniform package with a lax twist. LU designed reversible pinnies, shooting shirts, and shorts for the Flowmingos. The pattern features numerous flamingos with flow throughout with light pastels and black.

It must be the font because the Flowmingos remind us of Tubbs and Crockett cruising in their Ferrari. It might even be the color scheme too. For their designer, JoJo, it’s the hair that puts these uniforms over the top. We truly couldn’t agree more.

Contact today for more information.

Posted in: Equipment/Gear

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  • Wakawaka5

    my flamingo uni’s are better…

  • datnigga

    they spelled established wrong

  • datnigga

    they spelled established wrong