There’s a hot new helmet decal company on the scene and it hails from Minnesota! Here, before your eyes, are custom helmet decals for the Premium Lacrosse team in the Twin Cities. The Premium team uses one vendor for all of their gear, Lavin Lacrosse ( Lavin lacrosse is the only lax specialty store in the south metro area of the Twin Cities carrying STX, Brine, Warrior, Maverik, Gait, Under Armour, Cascade, and many more.

The Premium team is a post collegiate men’s club team in the Twin Cities, Their name and designs are inspired by a local beverage, Grain Belt Premium, that has a lot of history being brewed in the Twin Cities. A part of their team/MN philosophy is to keep it local whether it’s players, beverages, or vendors.

The actual decal design was inspired by the label on the the bottle for Premium by Grain Belt. They didn’t want to do a full head wrap design, but wanted to put a little bit of their own style on it and do something different. We approve.

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