It is that time of the year again! No, I do not mean time to get back in shape for LAX season. Christmas is creeping up fast and if you want to continue to have a pretty little babe by your side then you are going to have to get her something equally as awesome as she is. Just because it is the holidays does not mean that you have to over spend during this time of year. But before I get to the good gifts, here are a few things NOT to get your chick.

1. Cash. Are we your prostitute? Not only does it show how lazy you were (do not use the excuse “I wanted to avoid the mall” because you can easily shop from your bed) but it really shows us that you don’t know us at all.
2. iBuzz, Google it.
3. A promise ring, because it is just that creepy.
4. A snuggie, from previous experience, just don’t do it.
5. Anything that has to do with working out or getting in shape. Most likely she’ll instantly assume you think shes fat, even if she is leave her alone. It’s the holidays and we like to eat just as much as you do!

Now, onto things that you SHOULD get your babe. Keep in mind the majority of these can be bought online or at your local mall in time for Xmas.

1. If your babe really likes sports, buy tickets for a game. It’s a win win situation because not only will she be happy but you get to attend the sport event as well. Check out, it’s like Kayak for event tickets.

Price range: As low as $20.

2. Toms, not only are they really in right now but she will really appreciate the thought that someone who is less fortunate will receive a pair as well.

Price range: As low as $54.

3. A getaway! With the year coming to an end and a majority of people have some extra free time, take her on a getaway. You don’t have to spend a fortune going to the Bahamas, but if you want to check out for some steals. But take a trip a couple hours away from your home town for the weekend. Use to find the best prices in your area.

Price range: As low as $40 a day.

4. Now of course you didn’t think I was going to forget to mention Tiffany & Co. Hide that little blue box in her Christmas Tree and let her find it. Her heart will skip a beat just at the sight of the box alone so you know you can’t go wrong.

Prices range: As low as $100.

5. Victoria’s Secret Pink now sells clothing to represent your college, NFL, and MLB teams.

Price range: As low as $10.

6. Pandora bracelets. Personally, I find these bracelets hideous, but for some reason babes seem to fawn over them. In my opinion, I would start with the charm bracelet. This could make it easier on you for following holidays because you know you can always get her a new charm.

Price range: $25 a charm, $40 a bracelet.

7. Urban outfitters sells the most unique flasks, who doesn’t want a flask that looks like a banana?

Price range: As low as $10.

8. Send her to the spa. If your babe is all about being pampered get her a massage. Check Groupon in your area for great rates.

Price range: As low as $25

Need other suggestions, have more questions regarding babes, or something that you’d like to see on lacrosse playground? Email me at [email protected] or tweet me at @alfral.

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