Every player can name their go-to psych up songs. There are the popular ones like “Welcome to the Jungle” or basically any hair ballad and the ones that make you wonder what is happening in that player’s mind. For instance, if their favorite song is “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”? Sorry, those gloves are probably coming off. Either way, the music that gets athletes psyched up for games says a lot about them, and a lot about the mindset that they want to be in before hitting the field.

“So what can I listen to?” You might think. Well, ask and ye shall receive, laxers, because I have compiled here the songs that players from all over use to get pumped up before games and workouts. Plus, I added a couple of my own personal anthems to spice it up. (And I just think “Arena” is hilarious…Do it for Bruce!) Enjoy and sound off: what are your songs to jam out to before a big game or killer workout? What gets you pumped?!

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