The LaxTrack today is brought to you by Brenton Duvall. Brenton Duvall is blowing up and is one of the most popular DJ’s in the game right now. Brenton, based out of Washington, DC, flawlessly arranges beats that are guaranteed to satisfy. Enjoy a few of his latest songs below.

Pretty Little Penthouse
Pretty Little Penthouse (Tayyib Ali) – Brenton Duvall by SunsetintheRearview 

Against a Mad World
Against a Mad World by BrentonRules

Big Poppa’s Rich Girls
Big Poppa’s Rich Girls by BrentonRules

Hell Yeah! (Ludacris and Raekwon)
Hell Yeah! (Ludacris and Raekwon) by BrentonRules

A Million Apologies
A Million Apologies by BrentonRules

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