Make sure you turn this track UP, WAY UP…do this song JUSTICE. Today’s LaxTrack is by Deadmau5, the mouseheaded DJ we’ve all come to love over the past two years or so. But what makes this guy so good? Is it his unrelenting spirit to keep pushing the dubstep genre further and further? Is it his tendency to give listeners aural thrill after aural thrill? Is it his natural knack for rhythm combined with his impeccably smooth beat-dropping ability?

The world my never know, but one thing’s for sure…the fact that he used a number (5) in his name in place of an “S” is what sealed the deal for me…



Here is a picture of Neon Hitch, I’ll just leave this here for you guys:

It’s up to you, do you “like her look” or do you “not like her look”? Let me know in the comments, holla atcha boy…

I made the youtube play bar pink for any fellas who are feeling extra fancy today