So to continue mashup week, I bring you two, yes TWO songs. The first one is pretty self-explanatory…it’s another jam from my boy Norwegian Recycling. This song finds a way into heavy iPod rotation every summer. It’s a little more on the chill side, but hey…who couldn’t use some slow-down time on hump day. Plus, Taylor is one of my favorite names (bonus points if you guess why):


The second of the two is a little song that hits a little closer to home:

This song/video is very heavy on the 80’s. It’s AC/DC and GHOSTBUSTERS. So you can’t lose. This reminds of pre-game warm-ups where we’d listen to AC/DC in cutoffs and sip on Hi-C Ecto Cooler. So we couldn’t lose.

If you still want Paul Rabil to do the Dougie, feel free to tweet “Lacrosse Playground wants to see you Dougie!” to him or become a fan on his facebook page and post up “Lacrosse Playground wants to see you Dougie!” Strength in numbers…