We first introduced you to the hot gypsy Neon Hitch over two years ago. It’s great to know her voice and body are still shakin’ things up in the music industry. Her latest collab is as a featured artist on the Gym Class Heroes track Ass Back Home. Watch the video to the song below.

Here are two stellar remixes to Gym Class Heroes’ amazing collaboration with Neon Hitch. The first of the two tracks below is Black Cards dubstep take on Ass Back Home. Adding some solid whomps in the background, they do a great job bringing this track into a new genre. The second of the two is Smarter Child/Oxymorons take on it which samples the vocals and adds a nice house feel to Ass Back Home.

Gym Class Heroes – Ass Back Home (feat. Neon Hitch) [Black Cards Remix] by Ear Candy Blog

Ass Back Home (SmarterChild Oxymorrons Remix) – Gym Class Heroes (feat. Neon Hitch) by CrackBeetz