I Love Mixtape

So just as Wale took Seinfeld and made two mixtapes based around sound-clips and themes from the sit-com, k-os has done the same with Anchorman. You have already heard Faith which features Drake from this project, but now we have the other 10 tracks for you. Each song starts off with some of the best quotes from the movie and leads straight into the song, and anyone that is familiar with k-os knows that they will be some real hip-hop. One thing that I find real appealing about k-os is how he switches from some very nice vocals as he sings hooks, to a very quick and smooth flow that he puts to use on every verse. You will see this on my favorite track, ‘Holy Cow’. The second preview is ‘SheClipse’ which is a very ‘bi-polar’ song that has a pretty unique/crazy beat on the verses and slow guitar and nice singing on the hook. This song is one that you need to listen all the way through before you give it the thumbs-up or down, and hope you like it. Like I said, this tape really features 11 tracks of quality hip-hop from quality artist and I really think is worth the download. ENJOY!

K-Os – The Anchorman Mixtape – 07 Holy Cow by Some Kind of Awesome

K-Os – The Anchorman Mixtape – 02 SheClipse by Some Kind of Awesome

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