The LaxTrack of the day, brought to you by, is a young group with huge talent, OCD: Moosh & Twist. I first started enjoying the beat & the sample, knowing that the sample was from a James Blunt song, and then was told that it was from Blunt’s song “1973.”

Here’s what OCD had to say about the song and about themselves, as well:

We’re based right out of Philly and have been rapping seriously since about 8th grade and we’re going into our senior year of high school now. We’re 17 and this is really what we love to do. Its not just a hobby like it is for most of these kids who say they rap these days. This is serious to us and it’s our dream to become big one day. We recorded this track with our engineer Sketcho back in the end of June. “No Time” will be featured on our upcoming mixtape called “Up Before The World.” We should be dropping a new single from the tape within the next few weeks along with a video directed by Rex Arrow Films.

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