Yesterday California experienced LXM Pro, the West Coast lacrosse event that mixed lacrosse, music, and Hollywood. The first-of-its-kind music and lacrosse showcase was not your typical lacrosse event. It featured Hollywood casting to kick off the day and a major concert following the lacrosse games.

So obviously, a fresh new event would need some fresh gear for the players to wear. Below is a close up of the Cascade Pro 7 helmets that players were wearing, featuring team colors (red/blue) in the visor and chin and a clear plastic casing. The clear casing is something you might have seen pictures of (or at a booth at a lacrosse event), but as far as we know this is the first time a team has worn the clear helmets.

What do you think of the helmets? Would you wear them?




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  2. uhhhh I’m not to sure about those. Reminds me of the edge ice, which cracked more than anything ever made. Plus I don’t really like the fact you can see all the padding under it. Might have to see someone wear it. I think some of the new crap lax companies are coming out with are just aimed at people who think new is automatically cool. When helmets get over done they look bush league

  3. They tried this in hockey it didnt work at all but my guess is club teams will buy them and they will become popular, has potential to be pretty word

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