The self-proclaimed “most electrifying professional lacrosse event in the world,” LXM PRO, will not be hitting Las Vegas this weekend in standard fashion. This time, the players will be decked out in unis from ProAthletics. By partnering with one of the best in the business, LXM has upped the ante with these custom Pro 4 uniforms and custom Ghost Shorts. The teams are wearing contrasting color schemes and patterns, but both jerseys are unequivocally gorgeous.

Pro Athletics is extremely proud to provide the highest quality uniform for some of the highest quality talent on the planet. Some of the games finest ever to gave played will be sporting these such as Kyle Harrison and Mikey Powell as well many others big time names. Keep an eye out for these to make a splash this weekend at #LXM702.

For ticket information visit Also, check out ProAthletics’ new retail store at Be sure to Follow @LXMPRO and @ProAthletics on twitter and Like their Facebook pages at and to let us know what you think of them.

  • Anonymous

    beats the hell out of screenprinted 2005 warrior uniforms. hopefully someone keeps an eye on the decal box this time around

  • Curly

    Not a fan of anything not American Made…and there’s plenty of Sublimated Uniform’s to be had in the USA

  • Tlax42


  • Lucas