The LXM Pro Tour’s Austin date is just days away. Cop the custom cleats Bretty Moyer had made by Casey Customs for the big game on Saturday.

Colors black, white and gray on the cleats will match the uniform Moyer will be wearing.

The tongue of the cleats have number 15, Moyer’s jersey number. The outside of the cleats have the Austin, TX, skyline. The inside of the cleats have the LXM logo.

  • SickStick81

    these things are very sharp looking, never seen anything like it.

  • mickey blue eyes

    Dayummm gotta give it up to Casey. These are the best yet!

  • oliver

    snap. those are legit, bretty will look fly as hell in the game. hook em horns.

  • mike honcho

    isn’t warrior anti-LXM? although moyer may not have a binding contract w warrior, it would be funny to see STX stick it to the man and make everyone rock nike cleats

  • Lacrosse Playground

    Mike Honcho:

    To my knowledge Warrior is heading up the Austin event with equipment.

  • Doug

    cleats are insane bro, need my pair done next. wear them right Moyer, attention is all you in these things.