The Make it Take it contest is underway again and we want to make sure you enter before it’s too late. The great crew at The College Shack, a custom hat company, will be giving away $239 worth of custom hats to the person who designs the best lid. The contest ends Monday, February 13.

We’ve made the contest incredibly easy for you.

1. Be a fan of Lacrosse Playground on Facebook.

2. Design your hat

-Check out the Design Tool
-Create a design for the hats you’d like to win (it’s easy)
-Like the page using the Facebook button near the top
-Take a Screen Capture of your design
(instructions for Mac and Windows below)

3. Send College Shack your design

-Send the Screen Capture as an attachment to [email protected]
-Include your Facebook id in your email so we can check out your post

Screen Capture for the Mac

-Command-Shift-4 will allow you to mark a rectangle for capture
-Releasing the mouse button will save the captured image to your desktop
-The filename will be something like: Screen shot 2012-01-04 at 1.26.03 PM.png

Screen Capture for Windows

-Click on the browser window to be sure the Design Tool is the Active window
-Press the Alt-PrintScreen (Alt-PrtScrn) key combination
-This will put the browser window image into your clipboard
-Open MS-Paint (from Start/Run, issue the command “mspaint”) Create a new empty image, and use Edit/Paste to paste your screenshot
-Save your image as a PNG file