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Marble Checkerboard Pattern Dye Job

Posted on August 18, 2011 by

Categories: Dyeing

For this head I wanted something a little more flashy that would grab some attention on the field. So, I decided on an full head checkerboard with large squares and some marbling on top. First, I covered the head in large squares doing my best to make the pattern fit. But, it is difficult with covering the entire head because of the angles of the head. Remember, whenever dealing with electrical tape or stickers, blow dry them, and press them on firmly to prevent bleeding.

Then, I dunked the head in royal blue dye until it was a nice light blue. After letting the head dry completely, I sprayed it with webbing spray and let it dry again for about 15 minutes. Finally, I dipped the head back into the royal dye until it was a deep blue color. Then, the hour of peeling and cleaning started.

This head had seen all of fall ball and an entire college lacrosse season in snow, rain, and mud. It was pretty beat up and very dirty. But, with some cleaning and a nice coat a dye the head looks better than ever. So go clean and dye your head before fall lacrosse starts back up!

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  • Philip McMichael

    what color do you need for webbing spray?
    please reply