Per request of many, here is the how-to of the marble dye job from a previous post about Stevenson’s Steve Kazimer’s spoon. Steve’s brother, KAZ, works as a dye specialist at Lacrosse Unlimited and has hooked LPG up with the tips.

The dye process is simple but time sensitive. It’s done with krylon web spraying. Apply the spray and wait for it to dry. Dye it with the lightest color first. Let dry.

Reapply web spray & dye next color. Keep doing these steps until you are all set with your colors. Peel off web spray to reveal your marbled master piece.

I am a very creative lax player and I have a lot of ideas. I try out dye jobs on heads, and when I make one work my brother, Steven, is the first to get my newest creation. My idea is if you look good, you play good.

Since I can only play summer lax or club lax, my dye jobs and stringing are my way of staying in the game and I want my brother to excel to his fullest potential.

If you have any requests or questions for KAZ, please email him at [email protected] Also, check out our in-house dye specialist, Max McCool. Just respond to his posts and he’ll answer your questions and requests.

  • rico

    I met Kaz at a local jambo in the Syracuse area and he had a few of his dye creations with him, these where some of the DIRTIEST dye jobs I have seen in a while. He had a dye job he senting to Ryan Powell for his RHINO Camp and one he did for a Nike shoot that where pretty sweet looking. He said he did one with all numbers for some of his teammates he told me that came out really nice. I have seen a few of his marble dyes also they look pretty cool in a brighter color. He also strings a mean stick. Heard he is the official stringer for Gary Gait’s SU women’s team.
    Keep up the good work Lacrosse Playground……….

  • matt tarran

    Would you wanna sell your heads?

  • billy

    nobody gives a fuck

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