Mark Matthews’ Incredible One Handed Pass to Chris Bocklet

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Do you smell it? That smelly smell. That smell, oooo that smell. It smells like a #SCTop10 moment.

Mark Matthews does it again. An incredible one-handed pass to Chris Bocklet, who scores his 6th goal of the game. That’s right, 6th goal. Denver at one point was down 12-3, and came back to win 13-12. Chris Bocklet had six of Denver’s 13 goals. Matthews and Bocklet were a big part of the historical comeback, with Matthews dialing up assists and Bocklet drilling goals. To comeback, Denver went on a 10-0 goal scoring run. If you watched this game, you just watched MLL history.

Big ups to LaxKingsTV for putting this amazing play on the web.



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