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Today we have a preview of gloves Brine has created for Maryland’s club lacrosse team. Below are three mock-ups of gloves for the Terps, including (in order) a pair of King II, Thriller, and Shakedown gloves. Which is your favorite? Let us know what you think by commenting below.

Brine King II Terps



  • all 3 are dope. the first are really like “program” gloves that a serious coach would like.
    the 2nd ones would be great for a post college club team. snazzy. the last ones are kind of a mix between the two. overall, looking good!

  • pieslice

    very good analysis, i guess i would go with the 3rd one to be safe yet “snazzy”

  • C money

    the king 2s… the shakedowns and thrillers look extremely gay

  • Cam

    I am way into the Thrillers.

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