As Duke captured the Championship this week you may have noticed former Duke standout, Matt Danowski, hugging his dad (Duke Head Coach) after Duke captured its first National Championship in their school’s history. We received quite a few questions asking what sunglasses Matt was wearing.

Matt informed LPG:

They are Armani shades. I have a small head so it’s hard to find shades that fit.

Now, we want to know. Are you feeling the shades?

  • Wells

    Look good to me

  • cdavid706

    They look good, but shades are different person to person. I for instance have a hard time finding good shades because I broke my nose when I was a kid running into a tree after kids told me I could run through it.

    Its just one of those things.

    Here’s a little factoid…In the UK they call them “sunnys”

  • ian

    nice shades, got me some wayfarers they are so nice

  • Lacrosse Playground

    Cdavid, haha very interesting. Hope you grew in to your nose.

  • Daniel Crowther

    cdavid706, i don’t know where in England you’ve heard that but no one I know has ever referred to them as that…!